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About us

Nagyla Wadey was born in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Her family has always been well known for it’s cooking, especially Mineira Cuisine. She has always enjoyed cooking for friends and family and they would always ask her, “Why not use your skills and start your own business in the food industry?” Although cooking had always been a hobby for Nagyla, she was finally convinced to give it a go! So in 2016 was born NyB’s Brazilian Snacks & Canapés. Working hard from her own commercial kitchen, which has been awarded five stars by the Food Hygiene agency. Nagyla is passionate about perfecting her recipes for “Salgados” (snacks). She truly believe she has succeeded, but she will always continue to find new and exciting recipes for the enjoyment of her customers.

Brazilian Snacks & Canapés

are delicious and it adds lots of flavours to any occasion

Pão de Queijo

Pão de queijo is a typical recipe from Minas Gerais, It is good for any occasion. Pão de queijo is made of egg, milk, oil, cheese and cassava flour.

Travesseirinho de bacalhau

The authentic portuguese flavour in every bite you take, Travesseirinho de bacalhau is made out of the best ingredients, such as salt fish and spices.

Rissole de carne

Be prepared to taste our delicious Rissole de carne, it is a perfect snack to share with your loved one’s. It’s made of minced beef, beans chilli sauce and spices.

Bolinha de queijo e presunto

Bolinha de queijo com presunto is the best option when you invite friends or family to your house. It’s stuffed with cheese and ham.

Bolinha de queijo

For the cheese lovers, the Bolinha de Queijo is a explosion of goodness. It’s made with stuffed cheese and oregano.

Coxinha de salmão

Coxinha de Salmão is the brazilian snack that most customers ask for. It’s delicious and the best part of it, is that it comes with a touch of cream cheese. Coxinha de salmão is made with stuffed salmon, garlic, onions and tomato pure.


Our Quibe is very crunchy and soft, It’s made of minced beef, bulgur wheat and spices.

Coxinha de frango

Coxinha de frango is the most known brazilian snack, if you try it, you will love it. Coxinha de frango is Stuffed with chicken, garlic, onion and tomato pure.

Coxinha de Costela

Coxinha de costela is just an amazing option, you have to try it. It’s stuffed with cow ribs, garlic, onions and tomato pure.

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